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I have been attending Jane’s therapy sessions for about a year and a half. She has helped me immeasurably to cope with the separation from my wife. Apart from Jane’s obvious kindness, skill and professionalism I find the sessions both soothing and rationalizing and they have been a constant rock to me during the hardest two years of my life. Before my first session I was doubtful psychotherapy would find a way past my cynicism but I’m glad I was wrong. I realized constantly tacking my mental health issues myself had become too tiring in the end and I wasn’t aware of what a clam, rational sanctuary the therapy room could be. Each session kind of patches me up, ready to step out into the world again until next time. I’m very lucky to have found a therapist like Jane and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


I am sending you a heartfelt "thank you" for the help, advice and support you have given to my daughter L.  As you know, L has suffered with various forms of anxiety for the last couple of years but things came to a head a few months ago in the run up to her A Level mock exams, when L was being physically sick in situations which heightened her anxiety levels.  Initial conversations with yourself also brought to light that L had also been shying away from being involved in any sort of social situation where she felt out of her depth, resulting in her isolating herself at school and sometimes at home too.  Your patience and kindness really has allowed L to be honest about how she has been feeling and open up about her worries and fears.

Since spending time with you, there has been an enormous improvement for L. Not only has she got through the stress of exams but she has pushed herself to converse with strangers in pressurised situations and her teachers have commented on how she has put herself forward in the classroom, answering questions, volunteering for tasks and massively improving the standard of her work.  She has also embarked on driving lessons, something she has never felt confident enough to try before and we are also in the process of looking for a part time job!  Despite there being more work to be done, L has said herself that she feels far more able to control her worries and fears and is so much more confident in herself.

On a personal level, I would also like to thank you for the support and advice you have given me as a worried parent trying their best to help their child.  It has been extremely helpful to be included in some of the sessions with yourself and L, enabling me to provide help and support when her anxiety is at its worst.  It has been so valuable and reassuring for me to know that my approach at home is mirroring the coping mechanisms L is learning with you.


I was going through a very difficult time with many problems. I was facing issues with my personal image, family, health and work issues. But Jane was very patient, I felt comfortable and she listened to me without being judgmental. She helped me to understand my own thought process and why I was thinking negatively and how to change my thought process. This helped me to have a different perspective to my problems and the way I think about them. At the end of my sessions I was happy and with lots of positive attitude to face my problems with confidence. Thank you Jane,


I have seen Jane whenever I have felt unable to cope since 2013. I would not be where I am today especially since losing my husband in 2015. The sessions are always relaxed and she is very easy to talk to. She helps you to understand the problem and advises you in ways in which to help you move forward.


Jane is exactly the kind of counsellor I needed. When I finally had the courage to seep support, I followed advice I’d heard to go with my gut instinct. I phoned a couple of counsellors to get a feel for their style. Jane seemed open, honest and down to earth. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by ‘therapy tone’ which I personally would have found difficult. Jane and I developed a good rapport over the first sessions and she picked up on things I’d said in previous sessions to help me understand what I needed. She played back things I’d said in a supportive but thought-provoking way. I found the first few days after each session really powerful, as I would work through emotions. Thoroughly recommend Jane.


Hi Jane,

Just wanted to drop you an email, to thank you for the care and compassion you have shown in treating our daughter.

Having assessed her as suffering with acute anxiety and low moods, you have broken down barriers and enabled her to open up and better deal with her worries and concerns.

When you first met our daughter you took the time to understand the reasons for the referral and gained her confidence allowing her to open up to you. Throughout your period of working with us, you have acted with compassion and understanding whilst maintaining an appropriate balance between confidentiality of your discussions and keeping us updated with your progress.

As a result of your counselling, our daughter is increasingly able to deal with worries and concerns and as her parents we have been able to approach her concerns with greater understanding.

We have felt very confident in your ability to support our daughter and would not hesitate to recommend your services. 


I was initially nervous about seeking help for some anger management issues but I now consider it some of the best money I have ever spent. Our sessions helped me enormously and my family and I have noticed a big change for the positive ever since. It was easy to establish a rapport but Jane was al all times highly professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane.


I have seen Jane for counselling sessions for around three years and she always sets a professional yet welcoming atmosphere where you feel safe and comfortable; an atmosphere essential for successfully talking about sensitive issues. Jane’s counselling style really puts you in control of each session allowing you to cater the therapy to yourself, facilitating your own solutions. Jane always manages to fit sessions around my schedule and is always punctual and reliable. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone looking for therapeutic support!


I saw Jane following a series of big life events and changes that had left me feeling stressed and had caused a resurgence of some old anxiety issues that I had previously suffered with. Jane was open, professional, non-judgemental and warm. I felt able to discuss the most personal of issues and feelings with her very quickly and she was able to help me tease these out and make sense of them in a productive way for moving forward. I cannot recommend Jane enough and wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again in the future should I need further support. Thank you Jane!




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